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National "First Steps For SIDS" Campaign Launches In October - SIDS Awareness Month - To Raise Money For Critical Research Into Sudden Infant Deaths

With support from Alaska Airlines, Marriott Hotels, Microsoft, Tata Consultancy Services and WE Communications, two SIDS research organizations encourage parents to share videos of their child's first steps to raise funds and awareness.
From Aaron Matthew SIDS Research Guild of Seattle Children's Hospital

"First Steps for SIDS" raises money for critical research into infant deaths

This research attempts to solve an issue that has persisted unabated for decades.
From MSN News

Video Campaign of Babies' First Steps Raises Awareness on SIDS

The online video contest celebrates a recognizable milestone, while shining a light on a serious issue.
By Stephanie Grassullo, TheBump

What This Local Man Is Doing About SIDS

Meet John Kahan of First Steps for SIDS.
By Alayne Sulkin, ParentMap